Facility Management Business

A comfortable society begins with an agreeable environment and is dependent on ensuring the land, buildings, structures, and fixtures as a whole are in the most suitable state, and requires the effective utilization of each facility while considering how to reduce expenses.
From a social perspective, we consider that there are 3 basic factors for the accumulation of wealth and managing facilities to meet environmental requirements.
From a management perspective, we seek to contribute to the effective use of business premises as well as to facilitate the development of dynamic enterprises through planning, operation and management.

Facility Management Business

Building Supervision Services
We provide building maintenance support with all of the services necessary for building management, including facility supervision, facility security, cleaning, and maintenance and inspection.
We also provide support with various building management services to ensure the quality control standards necessary for customer satisfaction.
Safety & Security Services
Guard Service
Fire & Accident Prevention Service
Security Service
Facility Patrol Service
Access Management Service
Holiday/Evening Hospital Reception Service
Building Cleaning Service
Interior and Exterior Cleaning Service
Daily Cleaning
Periodic Cleaning
Facility Management Services
Telecommunication Facilities Management
Water Supply and Drainage Equipment Management
Elevator Facilities Management
Air conditioning Facilities Management
Fire fighting Facilities Management
Maintenance Check Service
Building Structural Maintenance Checks
Building Facilities Maintenance Checks
Hotel Cleaning Services
From business hotels, to resort hotels and luxury inns, we prepare the manual work for each property and provide room maintenance services through continuous quality control, to provide guests with a comfortable stay.
List of Services
Hotel Housekeeping Services
Room Cleaning
Supplies Management
Periodic General Cleaning
Shop Management
Facility Management Items & Models
General Property Facilities Management
MARUYO IKEUCH CO., LTD. Building Interior Division
General hospital・Resort Hotel・Commercial Complex
Fixed-term Lease Properties
Retailstores・Restaurants・Beauty Salons・Chiropractic Clinics・Medical Clinics Apartment Hotels・Luxury Inns

Hotel Consulting

Hotel Property Management Business
Consulting and practical FM services related to the launch of newly established hotel business.
Company Data
Company Name
IKEUCHI SYSTEM SERVICE CO., LTD. Facility Management Business
9-1, South 1 West 2, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Japan
011-261-8000 FAX.011-241-5500
President & CEO, Kazumasa Ikeuchi
March 1991
10 million yen
Business Summary
Facility Business・Security・Building Cleaning・Equipment Management
Building Environmental Hygiene Management Engineer・Second Class Electrical Work Specialist・Second Class Boiler Operator・Hospital Cleaning Supervisor・Second Class Building Construction Management Engineer・Hazardous Materials Engineer Class B Type 4・Class A Fire administrator・Security Guard Training Supervisor・Facility Security Service Class 2・Sanitation Supervisor
Certification & Registration
Security Service: Hokkaido Public Safety Commission Certification No. 10000941
Facility Cleaning Service: Hokkaido 25 Sei No. 9